2023 Ford Ranchero: Redesign, Specs, and Latest News

2023 Ford Ranchero: Redesign, Specs, and Latest News. Ford is preparing another comeback. The Ranchero is a sporty truck that might draw interest and expand the lineup. The Blue Oval company is out with the best-selling F-Series trucks. Recently, chiefs decided to bring back the mid-size Ranger. This is not the only comeback, since the all-new Bronco SUV debuted after it. Now, we can hear the rumors about the return of the 2023 Ford Ranchero

The main question is– where it is going to fit. The company is preparing a compact truck, which caused a lot of different opinions. Such a vehicle seems to be a big gamble. It leaves a few doors open for the 2023 Ford Ranchero. It could be an electric pickup. On the other hand, it is hard to believe the truckmaker is not launching the F-150 EV. Ranchero can also take the spot in the mid-size segment, but instead of using the ladder frame, it could be underpinned by the unibody platform. Again, there are a few pros and cons.

Fans don’t have to worry about one thing– engines. Ford is equipped with different kinds of powerplants and the Ranchero will definitely get enough power. The all-new Raptor R is responding to the Ram 1500 TRX Hellcat with more than 700 horsepower. Still, the upcoming pickup is not going to need such a high output.

2023 Ford Ranchero Interior

Short Story of Ranchero Truck

The Ranchero truck was pretty popular until the discontinuation. It went through seven generations, but all of them lasted for a few years, and the pickup was in production between 1957-1979. Back in the days, trucks built on car platforms were very attractive. Nowadays, these vehicles can’t be competitive. You can find a better driving performance in cars and SUVs, while BoF pickups come with a better towing capacity.

2023 Ford Ranchero: Body on Frame vs Unibody Platforms

The comeback of the 2023 Ford Ranchero will make a big choice for the engineers. The only unibody truck in the market in this moment is Honda Ridgeline. In sales charts, you will find it at rock bottom. That is why many experts are surprised to hear about Ford building such a vehicle. On the other hand, the company wants to expand the lineup. They are thinking of unibody pickup, luxury truck, compact model, high-performance package. The old nameplate could be used to draw more attention and make fans browse the carmaker’s history.

2023 Ford Ranchero Powertrain

2023 Ford Ranchero Verdict

At this moment, the chances of the 2023 Ford Ranchero happening are slim. The pandemic outburst made companies reconsider their moves. The new arrivals are mostly delayed. The new projects are on hold. And, for now, all about the Ranchero is speculation.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t be surprised by any move Ford is making. The truckmaker is not a leading brand in this segment. The comeback is still possible and the unibody truck can upgrade the lineup in some way. The profit is not great, but the Blue Oval logo won’t spend much on R&D and take a lot of production facilities.

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