2025 Nissan Quest Next-Gen: Hybrid, Specs, & Redesign

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2025 Nissan Quest Next-Gen: Hybrid, Specs, & Redesign. The 2025 Quest is almost here and it brings various updates. What about the next 2025 Nissan Quest? This minivan already looks very upscale and it provides more than solid performances. The interior is modern and if you load a couple of optional amenities, you will get a premium minivan. Nissan plans to change the vehicle’s dimensions.

2025 Nissan Quest Next Gen: Hybrid, Specs, & Redesign

One of the reasons for such a radical move could be the hybrid powertrain. That also means the platform will remain but it will be extended. The Quest will continue to borrow styling cues from the Altima sedan that looks quite impressive. Here’s what the 2025 Quest will have to offer because rumors of the new-gen model are more and more present.


According to our sources, reliable 3.5-liter V6 will remain in 2025 Nissan Quest. This potent gasoline engine delivers 253 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. That is a lot of power for the minivan. The highlight of the new Quest minivan should be its first hybrid powertrain option.

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2025 Nissan Quest Engine

Thanks to the extended platform, Quest is now able to accommodate hybrid setup. More precise details will become available in one-year time. Quest will continue to offer an optional 4WD system that will be standard on the Quest Hybrid model.


In terms of exterior design, the new 2025 Nissan Quest could gain a lot of improvements. According to various reports, Quest minivan will enter its fifth generation. Unlike some other models, Quest’s new-gen models are arriving every four of five years. Have in mind that the current fourth-generation is present since 2017. That means the 2025 Quest is the perfect candidate for serious redesign and interior overhaul.

2025 Nissan Quest Spy Photos


If the new-gen 2025 Nissan Quest truly arrives, then the exterior redesign is a must. This minivan already looks updated and upscale. We are not sure how Nissan will improve this model in the future but expect a lot of upgrades. One of the possible outcomes is a completely new styling that will depart from the Altima sedan. As you may know, Quest is based on this nice-looking sedan.

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Two models are sharing the same design language and various exterior features. Thanks to that, Quest is one of the best-looking minivans in the segment. The second possible outcome for Quest is to keep its current appearance and to introduce brand-new features such as headlights, grille, and wheels. Both outcomes are equally probable.

2025 Nissan Quest Exterior


One of the best things about Quest minivan is its spacious cabin. We believe that the 2025 Nissan Quest won’t depart from that idea at all. The cabin layout will most likely remain and the arriving 2025 model will be slightly enlarged. That means there will be even more interior room.

The interior overhaul includes a new dashboard, seats, upholstery and new infotainment. A list of standard features will be longer. Of course, to remain competitive, Quest will gain more driver-assistance aids that should be optional on the base trim level.


The arriving 2025 Quest will cost around $32,000. That only means the 2025 Nissan Quest will cost even more, most likely below $35,000. On the other hand, Quest Hybrid will cost slightly below $40,000. The next-gen Quest will hit the dealerships in the second half of 2025.

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