2025 Ram TRX Hellcat: 702 Horsepower, Specs, and Changes

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2025 Ram TRX Hellcat: 702 Horsepower, Specs, and Changes. The new 2025 Ram TRX Hellcat is the most powerful truck in the world! Well, it seems like this is not going to last for too long, since Ford accepts the challenge. The new version of Raptor is on the way to beat 702 horsepower delivered from the Ram 1500 performance-oriented version. The Hellcat engine is already familiar with fans of muscle cars. Among big rigs, only Jeep Grand Cherokee offered a powerful setup. Now, Dodge Durango is also there, and in the future, we could see the Grand Wagoneer SUV.

2025 Ram TRX Hellcat: 702 Horsepower, Specs, And Changes

Let’s get back to the truck segment. For a long time Ford was dominant with its Raptor pickup. This off-road monster didn’t have the competition. General Motors made some shy moves by announcing Silverado ZRX and Reaper trucks. Ram also made some threats during the premiere of the latest generation of the half-ton pickup. The clock showing 7:07 indicated that the performance-model could be added. After more than two years, the 2025 Ram TRX Hellcat is finally here.

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Can Ford Raptor R Beat 702 Horsepower?

For a long time the 2025 Ram TRX Hellcat was in the air. The company had it all– excellent truck and proven drivetrain. But, the FCA is doing a great job. The best moment to launch the TRX version is now. Ram 1500 sells better than Silverado pickup. Now, FCA is trying something many believed is impossible– to challenge Ford. Well, not too many believed the truck is going to break the dominance of two largest US truckmakers, but here we are.

2025 Ram TRX Hellcat Images

It will be a way tougher task to dethrone the Raptor. The 2025 Ram TRX Hellcat did it, but the response is on the way. The Ford Raptor R is going to feature a huge V8 engine with outputs of 760 horsepower. The Blue Oval company is already testing the drivetrain available on the high-end version of Mustang muscle car– GT500 Shelby.

2025 Ram TRX Hellcat Class-Leading Specs

You can pick an engine for the standard Ram 1500 from a long list. But now, the Hellcat unit is the highlight of the entire lineup. Well, engineers didn’t fulfilled the promise entirely. When your configuration is making over 700 horsepower, a 5 hp cut is not making a difference. At the same time, FCA added the same engine to Durango. The new model became the most powerful SUV with 710 hp, 3 hp more than Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

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2025 Ram TRX Hellcat Price

A 6.2-liter supercharged V8 mill is tuned for 702 horsepower. The popular name is Hellcat. Only Demon configuration can squeeze more power from the same unit. The gas mileage is not representative. Well, when you buy a 700+ hp rated monster, then the fuel-friendly nature is not what to expect.

2025 Ram TRX Hellcat – Price: Hefty

The 2025 Ram TRX Hellcat is not a budget-friendly vehicle. We already mentioned its thirsty consumption. The first thing you will have to do is to spend at least $70,000. Well, this is not too much for such a configuration, having in mind that Ford sells luxury versions of F-150 for more than $80k.

2025 Ram TRX Hellcat Wallpapers

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