2025 Bollinger B2 All-Electric Pickup Truck Release Date, Price

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2025 Bollinger B2 All-Electric Pickup Truck Release Date, Price. The forthcoming 2025 Bollinger B2 is a world’s first all-electric pickup truck that also offers an all-wheel-drive setup. The production will start in 2019 and the truck will arrive at some point in 2025. At this moment, the price is not available. B2 pickup is the second Bollinger’s announcement this year. Earlier this year, the company also announced the B1 Sport Utility Truck. The same truck already has over 20,000 reservations. Now, the B2 model is here and it is a first all-electric pickup.

2025 Bollinger B2 Release Date

The B2 model will use two electric motors. The exterior will look super utilitarian, just like the interior. An all-aluminum construction is clearly visible. The 2025 B2 is also off-road capable and it comes with great tow rating.

2025 Bollinger B2 All-Electric Pickup Truck Release Date, Price

2025 Bollinger B2 Photos


The B2 pickup truck will use two electric motors, one front, and one rear. This combination can generate up to 520 horsepower and 514 lb-ft of torque. According to Bollinger, the pickup will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The top speed is 100 mph.

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The 2025 Bollinger B2 pickup comes with 120 kWh battery pack and the vehicle offers 200 miles of range. The mpg-equivalent rating is 70.2. There are three charging levels, next to the regenerative braking and an all-wheel-drive setup.


The all-aluminum construction is visible and the exterior is very functional. To be more precise, the exterior is only functional. The visual appeal is far from good. Aesthetically, 2025 Bollinger B2 pickup will look similar to the B1 SUV model. Knowing that the SUV model is a combination of the first-generation Ford Bronco and the Land Rover Defender. The square shape may not look nice, but it creates one of the most practical interiors.

The front end comes with a famous “frunk”. Lifted hood and lower tailgate are providing amazing interior space. The front bumper is made from steel and it is a good protection. LED headlights are available. To the sides, mud-terrain tires are available. 20-inch ground clearance sounds good to us and the rear part also got the same protection from the steel bumper.

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Again, the 2025 Bollinger B2 pickup will borrow the interior from the B1 SUV. Utilitarian from the outside just like from the inside. The dash is made out of metal and the buttons are sitting in a simple layout. Everything from the inside is so easy to use and practical. Analog gauges are looking great. The switches are in line and it looks strange.

The old-school features such as pull-style knobs are available too. The vents are actually round tubes that are sitting on top of the dash. Even the steering column looks old-school. The rear bucket seats are mounted to the walls and you can fold them if you need to. That will free up space. Speaking of space, the interior room is ample, just like the cargo room.

2025 Bollinger B2 All-Electric Pickup Truck Release Date, Price


The price is not available yet and we can’t even predict how much the all-electric pickup truck will cost. The production will start at the beginning of 2019 and the sale starts at some point in 2025. The reservations are still open and there are over 20,000 reservations so far.