2025 Honda Odyssey Type R: Specs, Price, & Release Date

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2025 Honda Odyssey Type R: Specs, Price, & Release Date. Since the mid-90s, Odyssey minivan is one of the best options in the segment. The Japanese manufacturer continues to improve its popular model. The 2025 Honda Odyssey Type R is the latest example. For 2025, Odyssey will get mid-cycle refreshment and it will remain one of the best-in-class models. Now, Type R is something completely different. We don’t know the exact reason for such a move at this time.

2025 Honda Odyssey Type R: Specs, Price, & Release Date

This minivan is made for families. Type R is a sporty treatment that delivers more athletic appearance and more power. For that reason, it is a very strange move from Honda. Still, we believe that this variant could become an instant hit. Here’s what we can expect from the Odyssey Type R minivan.


The brand-new 2025 Honda Odyssey Type R will deploy the same engine as the regular model. A 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo will be re-tuned for this high-performance version. The same engine is available in a new Acura NSX model. It can produce up to 450 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. That is a lot of power for a minivan. These are the class-leading numbers.

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2025 Honda Odyssey Type R Release Date

To compare, V6 in standard Odyssey provides 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of twisting power. Both variants will use the same 10-speed automatic transmission. On the other hand, the Type R version could arrive with a manual gearbox. A high-performance minivan will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. The AWD system won’t be in the offer at all.


New Odyssey minivan is getting mid-cycle refreshments. Most likely, the upcoming 2025 Honda Odyssey Type R will feature some of these upgrades. For a start, Honda will provide new lighting elements, along with the new grille. Front and rear bumpers are redesigned and side mirrors are brand-new. As for the Type R, this sporty version will get astonishing aerodynamics. Aerodynamical minivan sounds crazy, we know. Still, you can expect a sportier vibe with a large spoiler and lower ride height.

2025 Honda Odyssey Type R Wallpapers

The shape is different and the stance is more athletic. Type R version will ride on 20-inch alloy wheels and new tires are also available. This minivan will feature sharper lines and beautiful creases. Overall, styling is more aggressive and both headlights and taillights will be enlarged. Expect blacked-out exterior features and various red stripes and accents.

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A similar story will continue on the inside. The 2025 Honda Odyssey Type R will deploy sporty seats with new upholstery. On the other hand, we don’t know what type of upgrades will the regular Odyssey gets. Sportier variants should arrive with different air vents, unique steering wheel, and more chrome accents. Generally, the cabin will host more high-quality materials so the comfort will be on a higher level.

2025 Honda Odyssey Type R Release Date

The Type R version will deploy red accents, new gear shifter, and aluminum pedals. Ambient lighting is also available and the doors can be opened automatically. Odyssey Type R will arrive with a longer list of standard equipment and additional driver-assistance aids.


The approaching 2025 Honda Odyssey Type R will cost slightly below $60,000. To compare, top of the range Elite trim level costs $47,000. Regular Odyssey minivan is priced at $30,000. The Japanese automaker will release its new model in the last quarter of 2025.

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