2025 Honda CR-V Specs, Interiors and Release Date

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The compact crossover Honda CR-V is one of the top-selling cars in the US. Honda did a great job with the last redesign, for the 2017 model year, and the model underwent deep charges, Now, this model is an affordable crossover with an upscale feel, roomy interior, efficient powertrain, plenty of safety gear and overall, the good value for the money.The CR-V is soon entering the third model year after the last redesign and Honda still hides what it has in the plan for the US version. The three-row version would also be the strong selling point for the stateside but Honda will likely keep that upgrades for the next model refresh probably for the 2025 model year.In the meantime, we could get the 2025 Honda CR-V in the special-edition form or what would be better the Sport trim. Honda hasn’t yet revealed its pans and all chances are that upcoming version will return with minimal updates.2025 Honda CR-V Specs, Interiors and Release Date

2025 Honda CR V Specs, Interiors And Release Date


With the Civic’s underpinning and turbocharged engine, the CR-V also adopted the similar styling as brand’s popular compact car. Honda’s recent models also exploit the same design language and the CR-V is up-to-date in that regard.The upcoming 2025 Honda CR-V isn’t expected to introduce notable exterior updates which should appear on the 2025 version.Some reports suggest that Honda will likely introduce the special edition version or even better, the Sport trim which would refresh the current lineup.

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Inside the cabin, the CR-V is surprisingly spacious and tries to draw most of the practicality. The CR-V also offers among the class best rear seat comfort.

2025 Honda CR V Specs, Interiors And Release Date


The New CR-V will return with the LX, EX, EX-L and Touring trim options with the possible addition of the sportier version. The big changes are not expected in the equipment range as the CR-V already offers almost everything one can need.The CR-V will come equipped with the suite of active safety systems and the model also performed well on the crash tests. Now, all models from EX come with the advanced safety systems but Honda might offer this package in the base version for the new model year.The model will also offer up-to-date infotainment system with different screen sizes. There will also be high-quality upholstery, premium sound system, navigation, LED lights, unique accents and more to choose from.2025 Honda CR-V Specs, Interiors and Release Date


What the CR-V would make even more desirable is the sportier and more potent version but we don’t have signs that Honda will please the fans with such version for the new model year. The hybrid version is more certain for the US market as it debuted already in Europe. It isn’t clear yet will this version arrive in time for the upcoming 2025 Honda CR-V.The hybrid version will pack the Atkinson cycle inline-4 engine alongside Honda’s two-motor setup. The same rig is found in the latest Accord and Insight hybrids.Buyers can also get a 1.5-liter turbocharged unit which produces 190 hp and torque of 179 lb-ft. The decision also remains between the front- and all-wheel drive.

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2025 Honda CR V Specs, Interiors And Release Date


The 2025 Honda CR-V will wait for the late in the year launch. The price range will stay tight to the current. The base CR-V costs $24, 250 now.