2025 Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic: News & Updates

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2025 Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic: News & Updates. The 2025 Renault Scenic continues to offer a comfortable and practical ride. Despite the market has been overflowed by crossovers, minivans are still hugely popular in Europe. This is one of the oldest MPVs in this part of the world. The original model was introduced in 1996 and we have seen four generations of it so far.

2025 Renault Scenic And Grand Scenic: News & Updates

While the first three versions had most in common with the popular compact car Megane, the current model benefits from the company’s old nameplate but completely new vehicle Espace. The current generation is on the market since 2016, so it’s no wonder that 2025 Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic continue without bigger changes. It kept familiar design characteristics in all aspects. The refers to both mechanics and aesthetics. It seems natural that new year models come with the pretty much same pricing.


The 2025 Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic will continue with two familiar units in the offer. Base models will continue with a fresh 1.3-liter gasoline engine, which recently replaced the underpowered 1.2-liter units. The new unit delivers pretty respectable 140 horsepower, which is enough to move this MPV pretty quickly. Still, most drivers will go for an optional diesel unit. These versions may feature higher price, but also much better fuel economy. Even the power is quite decent and goes around 120 horsepower.
Both engines can be coupled with either manual or automatic gearbox.

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2025 Renault Scenic And Grand Scenic Wallpaper


As we already mentioned, the 2025 Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic models continued without more important changes. Unlike the previous generation, this model shares most of its characteristics with the Espace. This means that it rides on a familiar CMF-CD platform, which is predominately used for crossovers. Benefits are numerous and many of them include riding quality improvements. Compared to the previous generation, the new one has got bigger.

It gains a couple of inches in wheelbase. The Grand Scenic is even bigger. This longer version features more than 110 inches in wheelbase, which practically puts it in the segment of mid-size cars. Naturally, it is also longer in terms of overall length, which allows three comfortable rows of seating on the inside, as well as a pretty generous cargo volume. As we already mentioned, this year didn’t bring any important change, but a mid-cycle refresh is expected in the near future, maybe even for the 2025-year model.

2025 Renault Scenic And Grand Scenic Powertrain


Both versions feature the same overall styling. Of course, the Grand Scenic is bigger, but the overall layout is pretty much the same. The good thing about the current generation is that it takes a lot of inspiration from Renault’s crossovers. In practice, this means a litter bit longer hood than we used to. Previous Scenics were typical minivans, while this one has a bit of crossover design elements.

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This also refers to the suspension setup, so the new Scenics looks like it stands higher than before, though the things are that different, as the may look. The front face is typical for this company. It follows Renault’s latest design language but even though, some reports suggest a facelift in the next year. The possible update would probably bring a couple of interesting tweaks to the front end, predominately in areas like front fascia, bumper, grille etc.

2025 Renault Scenic And Grand Scenic Wallpapers


As we already mentioned, two models are different in size. The biggest difference is actually on the inside. The base Scenic features two, while the Grand Scenic features three rows of seats. Thanks to a longer wheelbase, the Grand Scenic features more than enough space in all three rows, while the cargo area is quite spacious.

Despite differences in size and layout, the dashboard in two models is the same. It features lots of attractive lines and it is very simplistic. Of course, it is highlighted by a large touchscreen at the center stack, through which most controls are operated. There aren’t many physical buttons on the dashboard, which in this case looks pretty nice. Still, a big complaint in terms of interior aesthetics goes to the shifter, which features typical van positions. It would be much better if it comes pretty much the same as for the Espace. Still, that doesn’t neglect the fact that the overall quality of the cabin is on a pretty high level.

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Attractive prices are another strong point of this practical and functional MPV. Base Scenic models are available already at around 23.000 Euros. Despite the bigger size and additional third row, the Grand Scenic isn’t much more expensive. It starts at around 24.500 Euros.

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