2025 Lordstown Endurance Redesign, Rumors, Price, and Specs

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2025 Lordstown Endurance Redesign, Rumors, Price, and Specs. The demand for the brand-new 2025 Lordstown Endurance may not be that high yet, but keep an eye on this model. It is an all-electric pickup truck, a newcomer actually. Lordstown Motors, based in the Lordstown, Ohio, announced one of the former General Motors’ plant. The new model is in the works, and it will cost slightly above $50,000.

2025 Lordstown Endurance Wallpapers

Pre-orders already started, and Endurance pickup will surely draw attention once it arrives. According to the company itself, a new model will arrive in the last quarter of 2025. The main goal is to rival Tesla’s Cybertruck. For that reason, Endurance will have to offer an amazing look, modern interior design and similar or better performance or driving range. Let’s take a closer look.

2025 Lordstown Endurance Powertrain Details

There is not much info about the powertrain at the moment. The 2025 Lordstown Endurance will arrive with a four-motor configuration where a single unit powers each wheel. Lordstown said that this setup reduces the number of moving parts and lowers the maintenance costs. On the other hand, unlike Tesla, Lordstown won’t be making its own powertrain.

2025 Lordstown Endurance Engine

The electric motors are made by Workhorse, a company that works on brand-new all-electric vans. Some reports are predicting a range of around 260 miles per charge. The Endurance pickup will provide great traction, zero emissions and the fleet proven technology. It is hard to predict a truck’s acceleration or total horsepower rating.

2025 Lordstown Endurance Design

It seems like manufacturers are trying to deliver a full-futuristic or full-retro design. It’s a risk, and not even one automaker didn’t consider to deliver a balance between that. The upcoming 2025 Lordstown Endurance is another pickup that will look futuristic. On the other hand, it won’t look weird like Tesla Cybertruck. The side profile reminds us of Ford F-150, for some reason. Of course, the design looks cleaner, and the shape is slightly different.

2025 Lordstown Endurance Exterior

The closed grilled upfront looks unique, and it wears a Lordstown badge. Headlights are impressive, and side mirrors are perhaps too big for our taste. The lines are perfect, and wheels are perfectly fitting into the whole picture. We like the Endurance’s look, and nothing seems to be so dramatic or aggressive. Still, we are looking at renderings and reality could be completely different.

Interior Look

To this moment, interior details are not available. No doubt, new 2025 Lordstown Endurance will look very unique and modern. If you want to compete with Cybertruck, you’ll have to deliver something that will set you apart from the competition. Endurance will arrive with a large display and a lot of touch-sensitive features, but it will look more traditional than Tesla’s Cybertruck.

2025 Lordstown Endurance Price

So far, Lordstown didn’t say a word about the interior design or its layout. There should be room for five persons and Endurance will be a luxury model. For that reason, expect leather upholstery, top safety ratings and more of the premium stuff.

Price and Release Date

The pre-orders already started. The approaching 2025 Lordstown Endurance will cost $52,500, and you can make a reservation on the company’s website. With that in mind, Tesla Cybertruck starts at $40,000.

With such a drastic gap between the prices, Endurance will have to beat Tesla in basically every category. Most of the experts are skeptical, but we think the Endurance model will cause another splash in the pickup truck world. The new model will go on sale in the last quarter of 2025.

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