2025 Tesla Cybertruck: Specs, Range, Release Date, Price

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2025 Tesla Cybertruck: Specs, Range, Release Date, Price. The new chapter in the truck industry has started! The 2025 Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup is here. Well, it might not be something everyone expected, but the US company proved again they are leaders in this segment. Now, it is a turn for truckmakers to follow Tesla’s footsteps. It won’t be easy, especially with the carmakers’ reputation and ideas for the future. Until Ford and others respond, who knows what will come to Elon Musk’s mind.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck Specs

The 2025 Tesla Cybertruck is introducing interesting styling. The closed bed is definitely the most luring detail. The futuristic design drew a lot of interest. Of course, the interior is intriguing and it takes time to catch up and gel with all the features and technologies the cabin is offering.

The powertrain solutions won’t make you regret buying the 2025 Cybertruck Singe, Dual, and Tri-Motor layouts are available. Max power output is 690 hp. That is 10% lower than Model X SUV is creating in the wildest mode. The price is going to start under $40,000 and the high-end options will bring upgrades worth $30k.

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2025 Tesla Cybertruck Concept

2025 Tesla Cybertruck Specs, Range

The base version is going to use a single-engine configuration with a range of 250 miles. Max speed is going to be 110 mph and the truck needs 6.5 seconds to hit 60 mph. Towing capacity is 7,500 lbs, which is on the same level as mid-size trucks. Still, the lightest setup is arriving the last. Before it, we will see Dual and Tri-Motor configurations. The 2025 Tesla Cybertruck will go up to 300 miles with the mid-range version. Sprint time drops to 4.5 seconds and max speed jumps to 120 mph. The towing capacity is increased to 10k pounds. The Tri-Motor model will be the most capable electric truck with 14,000 pounds of towing capacity. Plus, the max speed is limited to 130 mph and it accelerates faster than other configurations. We’ll see if the Ludicrous mode is going to beat 2.9-sec 0-60 mph sprint time.

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2025 Tesla Cybertruck Release Date, Price

The Dual-motor setup is the first one to appear and the company announced the premiere for the last quarter of 2025. Shortly after the sales start, we will also see the most capable version of the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck. Its price should be under $70,000. You can still save about $20,000 for the dual-motor edition. The single-motor truck will be here in 2025 and it comes with the lowest price, just under $40,000.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck Drivetrain


There are still a few things we don’t know about the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck and further company’s plans for this segment. For example, Musk didn’t unveil how long the charging is going to take. We believe Tesla is preparing new technologies. A larger charging station network is needed. The vehicle is not going to be eligible for the federal tax refund, since buyers have spent all the credits the carmaker had as the builder of electric vehicles. Still, Tesla decreased the price significantly. Just remember how the base Model X was criticized for its starting cost.

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2025 Tesla Cybertruck Engine

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