2025 Ford Escort MK2 Comeback, Rumors, and News

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2025 Ford Escort MK2 Comeback, Rumors, and News. Here’s some exciting news for Ford Escort MK2 fans. The upcoming 2025 Ford Escort MK2 will go on sale in the coming months. It is a rally icon that sells for a high price all over the world. A British collaboration is planning to construct an all-new MK2 Ford Escort from the ground up. Great British Sports Cars and Motorsport Tools are the names of the two companies. The latter is a provider of MK2 bodyshells and we expect to see some impressive stuff.

2025 Ford Escort MK2 Comeback, Rumors, And News

The project is for a Group 4 rally car that will be evaluated to IVA standards, making it acceptable for usage on European roads. Motorsport Tools now has a single rolling chassis ready for its powerplant. The engine is a 2.5-liter Ford Duratec with ATR billet throttle bodies and a 6-speed Mazda transmission.

2025 Escort MK2 Specs

According to various reports a 2.0-liter Duratec four-cylinder engine will be in use. This engine will produce above 200 horsepower. The car will deploy a rear-wheel-drive system with an Atlas axle,. This is one of the most popular choices among Escort rally drivers. The brakes will be AP calipers, and the suspension will be ATR coil overs. The entire configuration is geared toward motorsports. Some reports are also predicting a 2.0-liter engine with 230 hp and 2.5-liter output that develops slightly over 300 horses. This is not official yet, but the mentioned Duratec unit will be on offer for sure. The Escort MK2 model will deploy a six-speed manual transmission.

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2025 Ford Escort MK2 Release Date

Rest of the Upgrades

Buyers of the forthcoming 2025 Ford Escort MK2 replica will be able to add carpets to the car to assist reduce road noise. For those who want it, a power steering kit will be available. All variants will feature a roll cage and, if necessary, body strengthening. The wheels are 138 Minilite alloy pieces hidden behind beautiful fender flares. You can also opt for the leather seats, alloy wheels and even the Widebody body style.

2025 Ford Escort MK2 Release Date

The iconic model will go on sale later this year. The 2025 Ford Escort MK2 should reach the dealerships around November. It will be a street legal car and it will firstly go on sale in the UK. Shortly after that, we can expect this model in some other European countries. On the other hand, this unique variant won’t reach the American dealerships.

2025 Ford Escort MK2 Release Date

2025 Ford Escort MK2 Price

The prototype is almost done with the production so the orders are about to begin. The price of the new 2025 Ford Escort MK2 will start at roughly ₤ 60,000 (around $76,000). That is a lot of money, but for such an iconic and unique car, the price is reportedly around 20% cheaper than a restored original.

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As we said, the Escort MK2 will not be available in the United States. The Mk2 Escort is so revered in the United Kingdom that one enthusiast created a scale replica out of gold and silver, which is amazing.

2025 Ford Escort MK2 Price

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